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Yesterday’s SEO strategies that bludgeon Google with keywords, will get you nowhere.

Successful ranking strategies today harken back to the basics that make any business popular; visitors, engagement, conversations, and sharing.

So in addition to your engaging site, we also focus off-site with your social platforms, as well as video creation and promotion.

We help you create conversations with your prospects; incepting ideas early in the buying cycle that will lead those prospects to the inevitable conclusion that your products and services are the ones they really need.

This means people return to your site multiple times, share it with their friends, and eventually buy .. and all that translates into signals that Google can’t resist, and rewards with higher rankings.


What are the Benefits of Our Lowell SEO Services?

SEO is a vital piece to growing your business online, creating brand recognition and dominating your local market and competitors.

That’s why your competitors on Google page 1 are spending a lot of money on their internet marketing and search engine optimization, and getting all or most of the business. And if you are not on Google page 1, you are invisible to people searching online for your type of service or product. In fact, you need to ask yourself, who goes to the second page, third, or fourth page of Google search results? I bet you don’t, right? And neither do we!

So what are the benefits to hiring a Lowell SEO company or Boston SEO Company like Nash Media?

Is SEO Cost Effective?

It is easy to spend thousands of dollars in other areas of internet marketing such as paid search or display advertising , never mind how much a newspaper add cost these days.Local SEO provides a foundation for your business being found online. This is highlighted by the fact that, more than 90% of people will search online before going to visit a local business. And about 70% of them will either call or go to a local business within 24 hours after doing their online research.

Does SEO provide good ROI?

When done correctly, (and we only focus on white hat SEO techniques), search engine optimization provides a good, long-term return on your investment.

Are Your Competitors Doing SEO?

If you are not ranking for your target keywords on Google page 1, your competitors are and they are capturing most of the customers and business.

More & More People are Searching Online

In fact, it’s now normal and accepted that before making a purchase online, consumers go price shopping online looking for discounts, coupons, and to read other people’s reviews wanting to know what other customers have to say about a company, product or service. And you do too. This trend will only keep growing every year, and that’s why it’s important for virtually every type of business to have a highly visible presence online.

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Aside from being a Lowell SEO expert, more than that, we are also digital marketers with a passion to help local businesses get more customers online, increase revenue, and grow their business.

And we believe that’s why we are a good fit for your business to work with you to succeed online and in your business goals.

Ultimately you will get a great return on your digital marketing investment when you hire us.

So what are you waiting for?

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11 Things To Consider Before Hiring A Lowell SEO Company

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a powerful marketing strategy for elevating your search engine rankings and boosting your sales. However, SEO is constantly evolving and most people lack the knowledge, experience, and skills to do it right. Fortunately, you don’t have to do it yourself since you can hire an SEO company to do it for you.

Unfortunately, many Lowell SEO companies lack the experience and skills to implement SEO effectively, which is why it can be intimidating and frustrating to find a good one. SEO is a long-term strategy that can either make or break your online presence depending on its execution, which is why you need to do your due diligence before you hire an SEO agency.

Here Are 11 Things You Need to Consider When Hiring an SEO Agency in Boston

1. Experience

It is always advisable to consider the number of years that the SEO company has been in business. The length of time the company has been up and running indicates its level of experience. A company that has worked with numerous clients has experience in multiple industries and know what works and what does not.

2. Prioritization of Your Goals

You are an expert at what you do and the Lowell SEO company your hire must always meet the needs of your business. If you hire an SEO agency to help you boost your online presence, it is critical that they should believe in your ideas and prioritize them.

The ideal SEO agency listens to any concerns you have and offers appropriate recommendations to solve your issues. The agency you choose should always keep your goals at the forefront to help your brand, traffic, leads, and sales.

3. Realistic Offerings

If an SEO agency in Boston promises anything that sounds too good to be true, then know that it probably is. Always look for companies that promise realistic results and never offer guarantees.

SEO is incredibly dynamic and nobody is capable of guaranteeing rankings since the search engine algorithms are beyond the control of the agency. You should view any promise for guaranteed or overnight rankings as an immediate red flag.

4. Transparency

It can be intimidating to trust an SEO agency with your website and online presence, but this should not be the case. If you choose a company that prioritizes your needs, has realistic offerings, helps your business grow, and is honest throughout the process, you are in good hands.

You need to hire a company that practices transparency with its clients with regards to discussing what is and what is not possible so that you may have the peace of mind in making sure that everyone involved is actually on the same page.

5. User Experience Knowledge

A good Boston, Massachusetts SEO agency should offer more than just SEO services. The agency should also have first-hand knowledge of best practices in user experience, understand how content and design flow on a page, and focus on what’s best for your goals.

The SEO agency should be capable of carrying out everything from start to finish so that your end up with more sales and leads. The agency should come up with recommendations and possible solutions that help your SEO as well as design, content, and user experience combined.

6. Communication Skills

Understanding customers is the only way to serve them properly and this stems from communication. The SEO agency should provide regular updates and reports and should have periodic communication about the progress of your project. The SEO agency you choose should also be able to communicate clearly why certain changes have to be made to your website in terms that anyone can understand.

7. Education

You should avoid working with SEO agencies in Boston, Massachusetts that claim to use ‘secret’ strategies. Not only does this create a disconnect automatically, but it can also ruin the reputation of your company online. A good SEO company should keep you updated with interactive meetings, progress reports, and proof of what has and what has not worked.

Nothing is as bad as an SEO agency keeping secrets or making your feel uncomfortable about where your money is actually going with regards to traffic, goals, and leads. An SEO agency that’s true to its business model and teaches basic SEO tricks along the way is one to keep an eye out for when it comes to hiring.

8. Certification

‘SEO certification’ might not be something that’s currently available, but legitimate agencies hold standard certifications for PPC and Analytics. Bing, Yahoo, and Google all have their own PPC certifications and companies that hold such have proven their knowledge of each respective search engine’s advertising platforms.

9. Case Studies

A good SEO company should not only have case studies on hand but should also be ready to show them to you. The case studies should ideally highlight the agency’s work along with concrete examples of their performance to validate their skill and experience. Case studies are a testament to the ability of the agency to deliver positive results, so ensure that you only choose companies that are willing to provide them for you.

10. White Hat Practices

Always ask the SEO agency you plan to hire about the strategies they use and have them explain it in easily understandable terms. Strategies that seem unethical or manipulative should immediately raise red flag.

A company that uses ethical strategies should have no qualms about answering your questions or explaining their strategy in details so that there aren’t any doubts with regards to the strategies and practices used.

11. Reviews

Checking the reviews of the SEO agency you plan too hire is one of the easiest ways to qualify a company before you engage its services. Reviews will help you discover the quality of the company’s services. Look at what both previous and current customers have to say about the company you plan to hire.

Final Thoughts

SEO can be intimidating if it is an unfamiliar subject to you, which is why it is important to equip yourself with some basic knowledge. It is also important to research prospective SEO companies wisely using the criteria listed here.

Your Website – It All Starts HereYes… Keywords are important, but not because they are a keyword, but because those are the words that are key to the conversation you need to have with your prospect.It’s the context that is truly important, because not only is it the context that communicates your message to the visitor, it’s the words that create the context that also signals to google the authenticity of your message.But that’s not where communication stops; because everything on your website is about that communication – and there are methods, such as semantic markup, that communicate that message to Google, too.  And these methods, in addition to increasing your rankings, make your entries in the Search Engine rich with additional information that increases click-throughs.